How Stoic Mindfulness Can Banish Anxiety

Have you ever tried to stop a thought? It’s not just difficult, it’s impossible. It’s like holding your breath; with a bit of practice you can delay the inevitable for a little longer, but at some point, you are going to need to draw a breath, and you’re going to think.… Read the rest

My Pre-Sleep Insomnia Journal (Private - DO NOT READ)

I’m prone to some really crap nights; sleep can come quickly enough but I’m easily woken. And then it can often be a stormy night of thunderous thoughts and wave upon wave of never quite diving back into that deep abyss.… Read the rest

How to Time Travel Using Old People, Old Trees And Old Coins

I got thinking recently about things that move slowly through time, connecting people and keeping memories alive with stories. I think there’s value in just sitting with these time machines and letting your mind travel with them; sharing their memories, imagining the ever-changing landscapes they stood sentry over or the hands and pockets they flowed through on their journey to now.… Read the rest

Things Don’t Upset You, Your Belief About Things Upsets You

This is a fundamental truth that I’m constantly reminding myself of and I thought about again on a beautiful sunny walk this morning where we genuinely happened upon this delightful sign pinned to a farm gate.… Read the rest

How to Read With Purpose

Gosh, that’s a dull title: How to Read With Purpose. I nearly fell asleep before I finished writing it, but there you go, it is actually pretty descriptive. I played with How to Read More Effectively or How to Read More Efficiently, but it’s all about purpose. Read the rest

2020 Hindsight - Looking Back to Move Forward

I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions. They feel flimsy to me; things that we already know we should be doing (or avoiding) given a pedestal in January, after all that bingeing and consumerism, and allowed to wander off into the February mist without any of the pomp to that farewell that lauded all those initial good intentions.… Read the rest

Just Write

It’s not like I haven’t been writing; I mean, I sometimes do it for a job (freelance, mostly gibberish, nothing sexy), I sometimes do it before bed so I can get some sleep without the wandering thought gymnastics of an unmeditated mind soiling my tranquility (more on journaling soon) and I’m often scrawling random notes to myself, body-slamming memory loss by listing my to-do list as if extracting them from the maelstrom of my brain and committing them to inked bullet points (always pen, always paper) might direct my otherwise scattergun approach to the day.… Read the rest

Where Should You Be Looking For Happiness?

Cliches abound recently, as is typical of well-meaning January. Whilst deciding once again that I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions, I reflected a bit on a few of the things we’re generally nudged towards as paragons of the good life; most commonly ‘happiness’.Read the rest

Happiness is a side effect. Thanks for the fails 2017

It’s been a challenging year, no doubt. But it really isn’t the year’s fault. A stoic view would be remembering that it is never the thing, only your belief about the thing that makes you feel how you feel.Read the rest

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