Where Should You Be Looking For Happiness?

Cliches abound recently, as is typical of well-meaning January. Whilst deciding once again that I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions, I reflected a bit on a few of the things we’re generally nudged towards as paragons of the good life; most commonly ‘happiness’.Read the rest

Happiness is a side effect. Thanks for the fails 2017

It’s been a challenging year, no doubt. But it really isn’t the year’s fault. A stoic view would be remembering that it is never the thing, only your belief about the thing that makes you feel how you feel.Read the rest

A while ago I posted a quick vid about my bulletproof Yerba Mate tea, one of my favourite morning elixirs when I want to either smash a run, start a fasting day or just generally focus on specific tasks for hours at a time.… Read the rest

The Superfast 60 Second Emergency Brain Recovery Plan

Brain fried? Trouble getting to sleep with all those pesky thinkies mooching about in your headspace, trouncing your tranquillity? Me too, here’s a couple of tips:

This is going to be as quick to read as it is to perform so no excuses bucko!… Read the rest

Everything You Want Has Already Happened, Just Not Yet.

Of course, that title doesn’t make any sense, not if you’re using dull old chronology to figure it out anyway. But it may actually still be true. Everything you need to put you into that holy grail state of tranquillity that is the closest approximation to true happiness that I reckon any of us can aspire to may have already happened at some point in your unknown future.Read the rest

How to Carry on Watching Game of Thrones After a Breakup

Firstly, let’s all congratulate me on the cheesiest post title I’ve ever written; shamelessly topical with a smattering of poor me. But that’s not really what I’m aiming for of course. I wanted to write about something that I’m embarrassed to admit I struggle with and how I deal with it.Read the rest

How To Get Paid To Chill By The Beach In A Campervan

“You’re brown; have you been away?” Says pretty much everybody I see, including random strangers who have zero point of reference for my average daily melanin status at the moment. This is my most heard phrase from roughly May onwards; every year for the past ten years.Read the rest

Sex, Surfing, Climbing & Ukuleles: How To Find Your Flow State

I love running, paddle boarding and listening to music (often at the same time) but they don’t put me into a flow state. They give me way too much space to ruminate. Having sex, surfing, climbing and playing my ukulele on the other hand (not usually at the same time) slam me hard and fast (and sometimes gently) into the moment.Read the rest

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