19 Easy Tips For Tranquility: My Minimum Effective Dose For Happiness

19 Easy Tips For Tranquility: My Minimum Effective Dose For Happiness

This is the shortest blog post I’ve ever written (I do tend to witter on…). It’s a bunch of curated thoughts that have been running through my head of late that form a simple instructional list of small things to make me (and maybe you) happier. They won’t cost much and take very little time, effort or planning for the most part. They are the least you can start doing right now that will make a massive difference. These are the things I’ll be trying to keep in mind myself this year. No science, no lengthy descriptions about why or how something works. Most you’ll know are wiser options, some you may not appreciate until you try them (in other words, take on faith). Some are practical (physical), some are mental. All are crazy good.

There are a couple of bonus tips at the end too so don’t jump before you get to the bottom. With brevity in mind I’ll leave you to figure it out and see what works for you.

  • If you can’t be kind to yourself, be kind to someone else
  • Don’t diet or buy a diet plan, just eat real food and be aware of your food choices
  • Don’t plan exercise or join a gym, just move more and listen to your body
  • Don’t check your phone when you’re with people
  • Go without screens once a week (and for at least a week once a year)
  • Go without an internet connection once a week (and for at least a week every year)
  • Stop and be aware (mindful) of what you’re doing when you’re doing habitual tasks – even the washing up, once a day
  • Once a day think about a relationship you’re grateful for (even one you’re no longer in)
  • Once a day think about something simple, near you, that you’re grateful for
  • Once a day, think of something great (or just good) that happened the day before
  • If you’re struggling with negative thoughts, write them down until they stop (like when tears give up) and then burn the paper
  • Treat yourself to 3 deep breaths whenever you need a brain shower (learn to meditate for the full brain spa)
  • If you can’t find time to read, find friends you trust that read a lot and ask them what you need to know
  • Try to be useful to others every day (and ask yourself if you have been at the end of each day)
  • Constantly remind yourself that success is happiness and happiness is tranquility
  • Test drive the life you wished you had for a short time and ask yourself “will this change really make me happy?”
  • The fear of losing wealth causes anxiety. Eat and dress simply for a week every once in awhile and ask yourself “is this the condition I so feared?”
  • In social situations be the first to smile and say hello, especially to strangers
  • Before you eat anything, choose to sit, speak your mind or react to an emotion, take 10 seconds to be aware of what’s really happening

5 Words I don’t want to forget during 2016 (or ever really):

  1. Be AWARE of what’s really important
  2. Nothing brings greater comfort that KINDNESS
  3. FILTER out the important things from the noise
  4. UNPLUG from the big picture and focus on what’s next to you
  5. Learn to be GRATEFUL for what you already have and you’ll lose the anxiety about what you don’t have

If you really want to lose some serious weight ignore the diet point above and do this:

Cut out sugar (including liquid sugar and fruit), potatoes, rice and anything made from flour until you are your desired weight then re-introduce sensibly. That’s it. No calorie counting or fat fighters or painful atomic burpees needed.

Guys, if you want a lean, Beckham-esque physique with fit for purpose strength:

1. Eat right. 2. You only need pushups, pull-ups & planks – increasing amounts, every other day. Chuck in a few kettlebell swings and you’ll really be killing it. Don’t sweat the protein. Start now and you’ll be good to go by summer. Seriously, even if you start out fat and weak today, if you do that you’ll be unrecognisable by July.

On the fat confusion:

Fat is good for you and will not make you put on weight IF it is grass fed or extra virgin.

Finally: Is running good for you or a joint destruction program?

It’s amazing for you (mentally and physically) IF you go the barefoot (zero drop shoes) route to prevent injury (forefoot down first, not heel – like a panther), go slow (don’t run to fat burn), leave the ego and the competition at home and stick to trails with views of trees when possible. Roads + expensive ‘supportive’ footwear + heel strikes = lots of injuries.

The end.

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