2020 Hindsight - Looking Back to Move Forward

2020 Hindsight – Looking Back to Move Forward

I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions. They feel flimsy to me; things that we already know we should be doing (or avoiding) given a pedestal in January, after all that bingeing and consumerism, and allowed to wander off into the February mist without any of the pomp to that farewell that lauded all those initial good intentions.

I don’t know the psychology that may or may not support these short lived commitments, but I suspect they work as well as diets. Otherwise why do we always make the same ones? Mistakes are just fine so long as we learn from them; and that is the way I try to start a new year: asking myself what I have learned.

Taking a look back over the last twelve months and trying to honestly appraise the highs and the lows. If I can figure out when I was at my most happy, my most content or filled with tranquility then I can start to explore how that happened. Who was I with? What was I doing? When I felt full of purpose, what was I building? When I felt low, sad, stressed, who was around me then?

I can eventually boil it down to just a couple of questions:

Who were the fountains, who were the drains?

What is my purpose, what do I live for?

The answers usually dictate what I should be doing more of; who I should be spending more time with and who I should be stepping away from. It’s not always comfortable, or easy, but it’s worth it.

So if you’re bored of trying to commit to less chocolate, more gym, less booze or more vegetables only to feel disappointed when the motivation eventually wanes (because chocolate is awesome and the gym is dull), try looking back to see what you’ve learned this year and point yourself in a direction you can keep moving in.

Try not to announce your choices to others, just quietly go about your life trying to do what you know is right. You don’t need anyone’s permission, or judgement. The important ones will notice.

For what it’s worth; here’s what I’m going to try to keep in mind this year (and there’s nothing here I wouldn’t recommend to you either):

Less phone
Better sleep
More walking (amongst trees, mindfully)
More meditation
Less purposeless activity
More fountains, (way) less drains

Pretty sure I can stick to that 😃

Happy New Year, all year.


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