A Quick, Guilt Free Protein Chocolate Desert!

A Quick, Guilt Free Protein Chocolate Desert!

I’ll be honest, all this healthy food and fitness malarky plays utter havoc with my fixation on deserts and all things chocolate. I’m a big believer in balance and my cheat days get me through the hard times (and oh boy are they hard when there’s ice cream on the freezer on a Wednesday and I bloody well know it’s there…) but if only there was some kind of mid-week chocolatey desert fix that didn’t break the calorie bank…

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you my genuinely delicious (looking at you carob you rubbish wannabe) Guilt Free Protein Chocolate Desert! It takes seconds to prepare, is mega moreish and I think you’ll be surprised how so few ingredients and so little prep can deliver something that feels so naughty!

Okey doke, this is very simple so not much to take in here:


  • 1 x Avocado
  • 1 x Frozen banana (Peel it and throw it in a sandwich bag in the freezer over night, or at least 3 hours before you need it)
  • 2 chunks of 85% dark chocolate
  • A splash of unsweetened almond milk (I know, there’s very little I don’t put this stuff in – get it in your life)
  • A serving of your favourite flavoured protein powder (obviously chocolate for me but feel free to experiment)
  • A protein flapjack of some sort (I like Trek’s Cocoa Coconut protein flapjack – gluten and wheat free)

The (ridiculously easy) process:

Bung everything in the closest you have to a magi-mix and blend until it’s smooth. That amount is usually enough for a couple of serves (not for sharing of course, I have one right away and put the other in the fridge to set a little and have it later for a pre-bedtime protein treat).

Why does it work?

The frozen banana and avocado combo creates all your sweetness and smoothness, everything else is your protein and flavour. Of course it’s not 100% healthy but it’s about 99% healthier than most other deserts so a pretty good way to stop cravings feeling like sacrifices (and sacrifices lead to failure) – so it’s all good in (and under) the hood.

A Guilt Free Chocolate Protein Desert

You’re welcome – enjoy (and share and like and retweet!)