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usJust in case we’ve never met (which is extraordinarily likely given the odds) here are a few bits about me and what I write about:

In the interests of getting this over with so you can get back to the blog (which is a gazillion times more interesting than me), I’m a divorced, 40(just) something dad of two boys. I work for myself running a small digital marketing agency, love most outdoors activities (especially water based ones), exploring, learning and keeping my body and mind as fit for purpose as possible.

The focus of this blog is parenting (and the tools you need to be as good as you can be at it). It’s not just for dads (although that’s obviously where my experience lies!), it’s for anyone who, like me, is always looking for new ways to lead by example and raise children who will makes positive healthy choices for themselves throughout their lives.

The bottom line is that I love writing about the things I’m grateful for. I know that sounds a bit hippy-dippy but it’s true. It took me a while to figure out what the common thread was that hung all of my Wittering’s on together and it’s essentially this:

I’m blessed. I appreciate what I have and what I have makes me happy.

If you hang around this blog long enough you’ll uncover ramblings on these subjects. Not all of them are up yet, think of this more as a mandate for this blog; the kind of content you’re likely to find if you come back once in a while:

1. I’m grateful for my amazing relationship with my amazing kids:

I got divorced, it was hard. What was most difficult was the (perceived) disintegration of my family; not being with my children. I learned that this isn’t actually what happens when a family evolves separately and my relationship with my kids is stronger, more productive, happier and more fun than I ever hoped it could be.

I want that for you, so I write about how to find happiness as a parent (whether you’re divorced or not).

2. I’m grateful for my lean, physical health:

I had a stroke when I was 30(ish). Afterwards I was terrified that I might  drop dead at any given moment and be discovered by one of my young children. That lasted a long while and I had to learn how to not be afraid any more. I also took control of my health (way beyond what the NHS and the Daily Mail could offer or advise). Focusing on ‘Pre-hab’ I have poured hundreds of hours into researching diet, nutrition, longevity, injury prevention, strength and disease/allergy prevention and I’ve self experimented to find what works and what doesn’t. I’m a fairly fit and healthy middle aged goon now and I have every intention of teaching my great grandkids how to paddle board 60 years from now.

I want this for you, so I write about how to be happy in your own skin (and how to stay that way by future proofing your body).

3. I’m grateful for living every day mindfully with peace of mind and happiness (this is a work in progress):

I have always had a tendency to struggle with anxiety, worry and distraction. I eventually learned that most of the things I worried about never happened and that anxiety could be controlled just as easy as tying a shoelace. I’m fascinated by the human mind and just how strong, adaptive and resilient it is. I experiment with meditation (not in a spiritual or religious sense) and mindfulness and how it can be integrated into daily life to make everything infinitely happier and easy to manage.

I’d like you to learn about it too, so I write about the different ways a healthy mind can make you happier (and how I still get it wrong!)

4. I’m grateful for the freedom I have to live my life on my terms:

Back in the day I used to get up at 6am, shower, get dressed, go to work for somebody, stay there until a fixed time, go home, watch TV, start again. Today I finished my consulting work at 12pm so I got a few chores done and I’m now writing this sat in my sunny conservatory with a green tea and the dog at my feet. I’ll knock off in a bit and get my kids from school so we can have a kick around in the park before tea (while the sun’s still out). ‘Back in the day’ can stay right where it is. I’m not lucky; I worked hard to get here, but I am blessed. I’m not rich but I have a WEALTH of time, and as a dad you can’t put a price on that.

I’d like you to be able to consider yourself ‘free’ and to reach whatever goals might make you happy (hint: it ain’t money), so I write about freedom, how to live life on your terms without having to worry about bills and financial insecurity.

And that’s about the size of it! I know some of that sounds a bit cheesy but I can assure you it’s genuine and authentic, I really dig all that stuff. If you can nail the things that give you the mind, body and freedom to be a strong, positive parent then you’ll raise strong, healthy, positive children.

Remember: Life’s long enough if you know how to live it…


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