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This my ‘now’ page. It’s different from your typical ‘about’ page in that it simply exists just to let you know where I’m at and what I’m working on right now; just generally in life.

It’s properly autumn and I’m working mostly from my home in Worcester on just a few things. Firstly I’m trying to be a good dad and hang out with my two boys as much as possible. My focus is on getting them to appreciate being outside, slowing down and disconnecting from screens. And I’m trying to lead by example in terms of health, compassion and empathy.

In life and love I’m focusing on my fountains and avoiding my drains.

In work I’ve accepted that I’m the value in my business and focusing on enjoying the things that I do well. I’m becoming more client focused and less ‘agency’. In fact I may be evolving into an anti-agency…

I’m also planning on starting a new business in 2017 that is not centred around my expertise but can run happily without me at some unknown future point.

Financially I’m focusing on ‘financial tranquility’. That means I’m not ignoring money as much as I usually do but rather putting away enough of a buffer that I don’t need to worry about it. This may sound grand but because I ‘want’ so little it doesn’t actually need to be much. I may also write a book about it.

I’m finishing my next book, titled: Yes. It’s a collection of essays on various topics but with a central theme around what happens when you accept things as they are and say ‘yes’ to opportunity. I’ve had ‘yes.’ tattooed to my wrist so I’m kind of committed to finishing it.

I’m working on a couple of other books too but I’m going to work on one thing a time. I’m thinking: Book / existing business, new business / existing business, book / both businesses. That sort of order. It could be a busy final quarter. And I’ll probably being saying no to lots of things around then.

I’m focusing on running and eating clean, as always, but I’ve fallen off the wagon in the last six months – I’m working very hard on motivation and planning to get that back in order.

My philosophy of life is almost entirely Stoic and my Winter flow state will be more Ukulele than surfing (fair weather fool) but I may get back into the rock climbing to make sure I’m tough as old boots for next summer.

Finally, travel. Just as much as I possibly can because I love it more than most things.

This page was last edited 3rd November 2016 – If my plans or focus change – I’ll keep this updated.

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