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This my ‘now’ page. It’s different from your typical ‘about’ page in that it simply exists just to let you know where I’m at and what I’m working on right now; just generally in life

Updated: 9.3.2020

Gosh, quite a bit has changed since I last updated this page! I sold my house and moved to a ramshackle fixer-upper in Evesham near the River Avon. It’s not exactly finished (are they ever?) but I’ve learned a lot of new home building and redevelopment skills.

I got engaged to be married to my Fiance, Alex. She is a good-hearted human and I’m especially grateful to have found a soul mate 🙂

Work-wise I’ve pivoted quite dramatically from Digital marketing agency to running a paddleboarding school. It didn’t happen overnight of course, but let me tell you this: Doing what you love leads to opportunity; in this short life, I’m not convinced there’s a better way to curate your purpose.

I’m still writing, after a hiatus. I’ve actually committed to writing more, both on here writing about things that help me to learn and grow, and professionally as a freelance copywriter (paddleboarding doesn’t always work over wet, flooded, UK Winters).

Parenting is still a challenge, more so than ever in fact but that’s the job we sign up for; and the privilege.

I still mess up with staggering regularity but if that wasn’t happening I suspect I’d be doing something far worse, like standing still.

Professional goals this year are to build the paddleboarding business and establish some regular copywriting clients.

Personal goals are focused around better habits; meditating, writing, growing, learning just a bit every day. Regular little bits add up to quite a lot.




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