Protein Fibre Breakfast

High Protein, High Fibre, Low Carb, Low Sugar Breakfast Cereal & Chocolate Milk – My New Favourite Breakfast!

Although I love my breakfast shakes and they keep me full as a goog and super satisfied until lunch, I get bored, and I get cravings. Now, I’m pretty good at having the same meals over and over again because I’m a creature of good habits and I only fill my diet trunk with stuff that I really, genuinely enjoy eating (as well as ticking all the healthy vibe boxes) so it never feels like a chore – I look forward to my meals. I know I’m not going to stick to any kind of healthy eating if I’m not enjoying myself. We’re all looking at you Cabbage Soup Diet…

But… most diets fail within the first 3 weeks because people cave in to cravings. I cave into cravings every week – it’s what cheat day was invented for, build your failures into your diet. If you’re going to crack at some point anyway and you’re going to bust out the biscuits then don’t let that be a reason to fail the diet and give up – make it a part of the diet in the first place, just keep it contained and stay on track the rest of the time, savvy?

I’ve digressed a bit but another strategy for avoiding diet monotony (that can lead to over cheating) is switching things up every so often. In this case, I don’t do dairy, it’s not on my radar for all sorts of reasons, neither do I do breakfast cereals as all the naughty and delicious ones are either made from Satan’s sweat glands or sugar and unicorn spit. So that’s out.

But that doesn’t stop me craaaaaaving good old fashioned, pre-school cereals and milk sometimes. So I’ve come up with a cheeky solution that has me salivating in anticipation the moment I wake up after my 8 hour fast (not a pretty image, I know) and yet has no dairy, very little sugar and bags of protein and fibre (and other stuff and things but the fibre and protein are great for getting you full, getting your gut fauna and your bowels in good shape and keeping you munched until lunch). It really hits the spot I can tell you. It’s not perfect but with a few tweaks, it could be. Go for your life, grab this little bit of inspiration and make your own version…


  • 250-300mls Unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 Scoop of your chocolate protein powder of choice – remember if it’s whey, it’s still dairy – isolates and concentrates are very low in lactose though (I use this so I can have chocolate milk but a great sub would be my rice/pea protein mix powder which is unflavoured and you’d just have an almondy milk flavour which is still rad).
  • 2 tbs crushed flaxseeds (linseeds – same thing) – stacks of fibre (pound for pound more than pretty much anything else in fact) and omega 3. A kind of mild nutty taste – stick it in anything to ramp up your fibre – they go into my Black bean brownies big time…
  • A high protein, high fibre cereal of your choosing (it’s all on the label, just get geeky in the supermarket). At the moment I’m digging Eat Natural (with nuts and seeds) – that’s the cereal in the pic, but you could go for any nutty (try to avoid the sugary dried fruits), seedy muesli that takes your fancy.


  1. Put your cereal in your bowl (about 50g if you’re going to be fussy. I’m fussy).

  2. Stick the rest of the ingredients in a blender (I use my Kenwood Smoothie 2GO ) and blend it up!

  3. Pour your chocolatey, proteiny, fibrous milk all over your cereal and get it down your neck!

That’s it!

It’s late and I’m off to find some sort of spanish guitar type tab for the ukulele. That’s how I rock a Friday night…