How To Make BulletProof Yerba Mate Tea

HINT: I’m Wittering on quite a bit here: Feel free to scrub forwards to about 2:25 minutes where I start getting to the ‘how to’ bit if you can’t be bothered with my small talk and save yourself a whole 2 minutes!

BulletProof Yerba Mate – The Ultimate Creative Elixir?

I love my tea and coffee and I start pretty much every morning routine (post meditation otherwise I’m too wired to get all zen) with a BulletProof coffee (not always the posh version I’m linking to here, but always in the Nutri-bullet with butter and MCT oil). But I can’t do coffee all day; it give me the jitters and can be an uncomfortable ride. This actually opposes the very focus we all tend to rely on it for.

Enter Yerba Mate – A South American tea favoured by creatives and celebrities (not that celebrities are a reason to do anything but I’m just saying) from Einstein to Batman.

It’s as refreshing as green tea but along with good old caffeine it also packs the alkaloids, theobromine, and theophylline for a smoother, less jittery and longer last mental boost. Works for me anyway.

Do you bulletproof stuff other than coffee and vests? Let me know in the comments…