My New Favourite Brew – Kojoi – A Roasted Yerba Mate Tea

A while ago I posted a quick vid about my bulletproof Yerba Mate tea, one of my favourite morning elixirs when I want to either smash a run, start a fasting day or just generally focus on specific tasks for hours at a time. Yerba mate doesn’t shoot me into the ceiling like coffee does, only to watch me crash with the jitters not long after; it gives me a very acceptable metal acuity without any of the caffeine anxiousness that I can get from coffee or even too much green tea.

The lovely guys at Ymateina, a Californian startup, saw the vid and asked me if I’d like to try out their new product, Kojoi, a roasted yerba mate drink that you can pretty much treat like coffee, as I did in my Aeropress. The video is my very first taste of it (Defo not an ad, no money involved here, just a gratefully received test bag), and I was genuinely blown away. I could get seriously used to Kojoi and I think Pedro and his team have got a winner here. LOVE IT. In fact, I’m writing this post a couple of hours after that first drink and I’m still buzzing, in a mellow and focused way! All the rads!


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