My Pre-Sleep Insomnia Journal (Private - DO NOT READ)

My Pre-Sleep Insomnia Journal (Private – DO NOT READ)

I’m prone to some really crap nights; sleep can come quickly enough but I’m easily woken. And then it can often be a stormy night of thunderous thoughts and wave upon wave of never quite diving back into that deep abyss.

Writing things down before bed works. Spilling your thoughts out of your head and onto a page can give you decent respite; as though they no longer linger in your noggin but remain trapped in the ink, less able to disturb your night. Mostly.

This is a photo of a page I wrote down one night. It sums up the problem and the solution for me and I often read it now before bed as a helpful nudge. I thought it might be a useful example in case you ever find yourself in the same boat, adrift.

Transcript below so you don’t have to decipher my doctor’s scrawl:

“Not sleeping is not pleasant at the best of times. At the worst of times, it can suck the joy from a day more than any hangover. Daytime meditation (techniques) go out the window at 3am so you need an emergency strategy, just to calm the waves that grow in the wee hours.

Write the thoughts down before you shut your eyes.

Remind yourself what lies within your power, what is real, what is just story, what does or doesn’t exist in the universe.

During the night:

  • People (you are arguing with) do not exist, you are only fighting yourself
  • Problems cannot be solved
  • Without sleep, they cannot be solved effectively (in the daytime)

So: Good sleep is the best way to use the night to solve your problems and have the mental capacity to deal with difficult people in the day.

The night is for sleep. Nothing else exists.”

Hope that helps, sleep well.


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