Are Your 5 Chimps Fountains Or Drains?

[Picture credit: Me, Croyde, now]

I Have this writer friend, he’s quite a big deal. He encourages me with with ambiguous statements like “you’re on the right track” which coming from him I take to mean “YOU ARE AWESOME”.Read the rest

What A Stroke Taught Me About Living And Dying (but mostly living)

A friend asked me a question the other day; she said “Other than having your kids, what was the best thing you ever did?” And then she quickly followed up with “And your worst thing that ever happened to you, what was that?”.Read the rest

The Random Post #1

Ola dudes. This is a new thing.

Being a prize geek I’m often surrounding myself with random collections of thoughts, writing, stuff, things, experiences and general weirdness that in themselves might not add up to much.Read the rest

Cry Heart, But Don't Break (How To Heal A Broken Heart)

A breaking heart turns out to be the daddy of feeling bad. I’ve run the gamut of tricky emotions over the years, like we all have; fear and anxiety chief among them. But heartache sits high above the others with it’s sheer, overwhelming presence.… Read the rest

The Case For Making Plans Rather Than Winging It

All the hip kids are winging it. Anything else and you’re a control freak. “just chill man, whatever happens, happens. Let nature take it’s course.” they’ll no doubt espouse. And to an extent, they are perfectly correct (but no more hip for that); whatever happens, does indeed do exactly that, it happens.Read the rest

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