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Roughly every quarter I send out a brief email with a few highlights from the blog, a few links to some cool stuff, and the occasional free thing. Here’s 5 reasons you should NOT subscribe to that email…

1. Do you really need to subscribe to ANOTHER email? Your time is precious and my voice is but one amongst a great deal of noise. Choose wisely, perhaps with something more valuable than this.

2. It’s often about me and the stuff I think, feel or experiment with – It may not be very interesting unless you’re actually me. Really, this isn’t about you.

3. I might get around to writing a proper book one day and by golly who do you think will be at the front of the spam queue? Yes, you if you subscribe.

4. I’m very honest which means sometimes my posts can be painful. I may judge you a little bit or tell you that what you think and what you do is rubbish – you don’t need that.

5. I fail all the time; at parenting, in my relationships and in my job, honestly I’m always cocking up. Yes, I try really hard to get better at things but I’m no kind of ‘guru’ or expert. I’m very ordinary in fact so go and find someone better qualified to read.

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You still get the free book below but only because I don’t have the time to alter the autoresponder. It’s quite good, but don’t see it as a benefit of subscribing…

30 Positive Habits For Healthy, Tranquil Children: Teaching Children To Make Better Decisions For Themselves

what’s it about?EBOOKJAMESW
Pointing our kids in the right direction and hoping they learn to make good choices once they’ve flown the nest is a journey with one or two challenges, to say the least. In this world of distracting tech, consumer choice overload, too may sedentary choices, a food and drink industry who don’t give two hoots about the poor messages they’re pumping into tiny minds and politicians and religious leaders who choose conflict over communication (great role modelling for the next generation guys!) it’s hard to get your ethos heard by your children over all the noise. This short book is designed to give you few simple ideas that might help you to filter out the positive from the ineffectual and inspire you to try something a bit different whilst having lots of fun, not to mention spending plenty of quality time, with your kids.

Reviews for 30 Positive Habits For Healthy, Tranquil Children:

“James’ book simply oozes with enthusiasm, a wonderfully positive mindset and a ‘can do’ attitude to raising happy, confident & resilient children. I love his simple and practical ideas and I know you’ll be inspired by his wonderfully down to earth writing style which is funny, and bursting with common sense on your own parenting adventure. Grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy!”

Sue Atkins
ITV ‘This Morning ‘ Parenting Expert, Author, Broadcaster and Mum.

“a most welcome handbook for successfully navigating parenthood in this complicated age; full of effective tried and tested tips, balanced and healthy advice, and a whole bunch of things that we all know are right, but perhaps have forgotten. This title stands out from similar books by virtue of a complete lack of patronizing disquisition, and instead, takes an honest and refreshing approach to parenting”

“I recommend you all to take the time to read James suggestions to improving important parts of your life by making small changes here and there. It completely makes sense for a better world. Favourite bit … Time Machine Nan!”

“Now this is cool. Not only did it make me feel like a ‘normal’ parent where I so often feel like I’m not doing so great, but it was both humorous and packed with plenty of practical tips. A great fun read, insightful, thoughtful yet sensitive and brutal where it needs to be. Highly recommended :)”

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