The Random Post #1

The Random Post #1

Ola dudes. This is a new thing.

Being a prize geek I’m often surrounding myself with random collections of thoughts, writing, stuff, things, experiences and general weirdness that in themselves might not add up to much. But shoe-horned into a super-weird blog post might make for interesting reading (or at least a voyeuristic distraction).

So here’s a bunch of stuff I’m working on, thinking about, reading and/or generally playing with.

Random Thought:

Surfing heartache…
Emotions, particularly those associated with heartache seem to be akin to the tidal forces that shape the oceans. Sometimes the pain can recede like an ebbing tide, only to return with a crashing wave. It’s not easy to ride that wave back in and you’ll get dunked more often than not. Just remember that each time you paddle back out, you get stronger, and before long the tide will turn and the water will become calm again.

What’s on my kindle?


I’ve usually got a good 10 books on the go at any one time. I know, I can’t do chronology, it doesn’t work for me (or my perception of my age). But here’s a couple I can whole heartedly recommend:

Zorba The Greek:

Yes you’ve heard of it, yes you know the song from the film, but have you read it? Cannot recommend enough, I think I highlighted quotes every other page or so. Zorba is the ultimate free spirit reminding us not just what’s important in life but how to take everything less seriously and squeeze the best out of everything.


The Geography Of Bliss:

Eric Weiner’s travelogue that takes him from the relative ecstasy of living in Iceland to the giant slab of sadness that is Moldova as he tries to figure out what makes people happy, and where in the world they are happiest! On the back of this I have already hit up AirB&B for places to stay in Iceland because anywhere with a language that greets folks with “Komdu Soell” which translates as “come happy” and a goodbye “vertu Soell” translating as “go happy” is going to work for me! Even the word for computer “tolva’ translates literally as “prophet of numbers”! Who’s coming?

Actual Real Life Paper Book I’m Actually Reading


Re-reading actually, it’s Walden by Henry Thoreau. It’s just about my favourite tome and my particular copy is an old Illustrated penguin classic. I won’t bore you with the whole story but it’s about an 19th century philosopher dude who extracted himself, somewhat jaded, from his professional life and built himself a log cabin by Walden Pond, a lake in the wilds of Concord, Massachusetts. He lived simply, pottered around, caught and grew his food and generally came to the conclusion that less is most definitely more. I tend to agree. This copy was illustrated with wood carvings by Ethelbert White that have since become the inspiration for two of my tattoos – Yeah, I really dig this stuff!

“Most of the luxuries and many of the so-called comforts of life are not only not indispensable, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind” – Thoreau

Projects I’m working on:

It’s all about the video! I’ve been trying to focus more on video for the past year or so and finally there seems to be some momentum. Both professionally in my day job working on business focused (but still very cool) video podcasts and general personal tomfoolery and japery along with all the geeky nutrition and healthy living stuff I often witter on about. So quite literally – watch this space!

Healthy Gadget I’m Loving


I’ve recommended this to several friends lately and I’ve rediscovered it a bit myself too. Achey back, trouble getting to sleep or generally feeling a bit pants? Then you need little lie down on a bed of nails obviously! Seriously, this is quite simply one of my favourite things. I witter on about it here (along with lots of other sleep hacks) if you’re interested but the bottom line is 15/20 minutes lying on this baby and I start to get very ‘floaty’ and drowsy indeed – it definitely makes awesome hormones storm out of your pituitary gland. Just don’t do it just before you’re expected to be scintillating company 😉 It’s proper name is an acupressure mat and you’ll find one on Amazon fo sho.

The end

That’s it, thanks for letting me spout randomly at you. Let me know if it’s remotely interesting and I’ll bang one out regularly – believe me, there’s plenty of random going on around here that you should probably know about!

Happy trails.